CLAM 5000 – Complete Water Extraction Kit

The CLAM or (Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring) mimics a real clam or indicator organism. It actively filters the water at a low flow rate capturing total and dissolved organics within its solid phase extraction media.

CLAM Components for In-situ Solid Phase Extraction


Water Sampling CLAM Shell

diameter footprint 6.5″x4.865″; constructed with a Polycarbonate body housing

Water tight external recharging port.Rechargeable Battery,Runs for 48 hrs

Luer fittings on the C.L.A.M inlet allow for easy disk attachment

Protection tubes provided to shroud the use of two or three disk arrays

Within the CLAM’s water sampling shell is a self-contained SPE extraction manifold performing EPA method 3535

Weighs under 2 pound

Eight digit display sealed in the sphere, visible from exterior with a exterior Submersible reset button

Uses a small onboard mechanical oval gear flow sensor, with accuracy of +/- 1% of empirical volume




CLAM SPE Cartridges

SPE cartridges housing the solid phase extraction media disks are manufactured using HDPP

The SPE cartridges provide Luer-Lok connectors, inlet flow dispersion, triple lofted depth pre-filtration, supporting filter screens

Housings encase the same high-capacity SPE media disks, and binder free pre-filters used today in water testing laboratories

CLAM SPE Cartridges

Only SPE cartridge needed to submit results of the solid phase extraction process

The HDPP housing for the SPE extraction media also serves as a protective casing for shipping

Luer-Lok connectors allow for connecting or “staging” of two or more SPE media disks together for total dissolved, different media, or breakthrough studies

Luer-Lok plugs are used to seal the disks after conditioning, deployment, and for secure and breakage-free shipping

Water Sampling Protective Case

All of the water sampling equipment and necessary components for field SPE extraction can easily be carried in hard-shelled protective Pelican case. The case contains padded foam that has been specially cut to fit SPE cartridges, batteries, the battery holder, syringe, Luer-Lok connectors and Luer-Lok plugs.


Complete CLAM Kit Contents

A micro pump with integrated microcircuits and switch, fused into the body with waterproof polymer potting

Durable protective CLAM shell

C-18 Disk

Conditioned SPE media disk(s)

Calibration syringe and tubing

Charger Cable

Protection tubes provided to shroud the use of two or three disk arrays

Thethering Clam

A waterproof, part molded Pelican field case

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