CLAM – Water Monitoring Extraction Kits

Variety of Solid Phase Extraction Kits Offered

CLAM 5000 – Complete Kit

Water testing with the CLAM is accepted by laboratories

This CLAM Kit comes with the newly redesigned spherical CLAM pump unit and any selection of 20 CLAM Disks. The CLAM pump unit is made of sturdy polycarbonate and is slightly buoyant. It can be submerged to depths of 20 feet. This unit comes with the CLAM Volume Totalizer, which is a digital reader that measures very accurate volume of water extracted through the CLAM Disk. It also contains a rechargeable lithium battery with USB charging port that provides 48 hours of pump power. This CLAM Kit comes in a fitted case that includes an extension for double Disk configuration and straps for pump unit attachment.

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CLAM 4000 – Excluding Totalizer

Water testing with the CLAM is easy to incorporate in laboratories

This CLAM kit is the same as Kit 1, except the CLAM pump unit does not contain the CLAM Volume Totalizer. Volumes extracted through the CLAM Disk are obtained by collecting the effluent water or estimated using the calibration technique to average flow rates over the deployment time. This kit does not come with any CLAM Disks.

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Manual Syringe Tube and Disk

Water testing with the CLAM is easily organized

This Kit comes with any selection of 1 CLAM Disk, tubing and fittings with a 100 ml syringe. This kit makes it easy to field extract smaller water volumes such as 1 liter samples with just the small CLAM Disk being sent back to the lab. It can provide variable field in-situ depth and composite extraction events. The CLAM Disk provides shipping and holding time advantages as the water is left behind.

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Faucet Extraction Kit

Clean water testing

This Kit comes with any selection of a CLAM Disk, tubing and a drinking water faucet fitting and hose adapter. Making it easy to run water samples through CLAM Disks from pressurized water systems.

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