Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring

The C.L.A.M. is a time-integrative submersible sampler capable of sequestering pollutants utilizing solid phase media field-hardened CLAM Disks.
  • Recharable battery up to 36 hours
  • Onboard volume totalizer to record the volume extracted up to 100 liters
  • CLAM Disks not subject to 7 day holding times – can be frozen to virtually stop the clock
  • CLAM Disk analysis can be split into several subsets; low detection levels, standard laboratory methods
  • Eliminates shipping water

Revolutionary water sampling technology

The CLAM  -  Active Field Extractions

Modern Water Sampling Technology

The CLAM’s revolutionary engineering provides a continuous SPE extraction event that can be sustained for up to 36 hours long, which is representative of a hundred liter water sample. This immense amount of data is stored on a small, yet durable, SPE media disk, providing the Environmental Water Testing Laboratory with a 36 hour “video” of results instead of just a “snapshot” in time. This allows for lower detection limits to be achieved by hundredfold, but enhanced testing, although phenomenal, is only a portion of what elevates the CLAM above traditional water sampling equipment.

This water sampling device has enhanced the Environmental Water Testing Lab’s ability to increase profits from every angle of operations. Aside from receiving more conclusive data, the labs are able to mitigate the risks of receiving a bad sample because of shipping complications to almost zero percent, while simultaneously saving on the logistical costs. In addition, the labs can generate an extra revenue stream by leasing the device itself or by prepping the SPE cartridges for the field. This can all be accomplished with no deviations from the current Standard Operating Procedures.

CLAM water monitoring kits

Aqualytical offers four different kits, each designed to fit specific water sampling needs. All kits are based on SPE Media technology but differ in extraction duration and automation.

eDNA Sampling

In-situ continuous sampling that just collects the total and dissolved e-DNA and leaves the water behind.

Sampling Disk Technology
Water Sampling Disk Technology

Innovative solid phase extraction media cartridges make true field extraction a reality by providing a time-integrative quantitative event of up to 36 hours.

Technical Information

A library of technical documents, including field studies and testing, user manuals, detailed sales sheets and more.

Better Results

Provide more accurate, comprehensive water quality analysis reports than competitors, in less time


Eliminate routinely expensive issues related to shipping complications

Revenue Stream

Generate additional revenue streams through maintenance, rental and service options


Easily incorporated into in-house quality control acceptance criteria

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NOAA/NCCOS American Samoa Study

American Samoa’s coral reefs are some of the most pristine reefs in the United States. They host more than a thousand species of marine life, including some of the oldest


The Ministry of the Environment of Denmark has published: HITLIST – Holistic non-targeted approach to determine pesticide and biocide residues in the aquatic environment Recent technological developments in novel analytical