CLAM Overview

A time-integrative submersible sampler capable of sequestering pollutants utilizing solid phase media field-hardened cartridges.

CLAM – Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring

The CLAM (Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring) is a submersible extraction device that provides active water sampling, using EPA approved SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) media to sequester Pesticides, Herbicides, PAH’s, TPH, and other trace organics from water. Instead of using a traditional SPE cartridge to obtain results, the CLAM utilizes a unique SPE cartridge in the shape of a disk.

The CLAM is an easy to assemble, deploy and ship, water sampling method

The water sampling equipment uses low flow rate SPE extraction sampling (5-75 ml/minute), where water is extracted continuously through the SPE cartridge. Unlike traditional water sampling methods, (i.e. grab sampling), the CLAM provides an SPE extraction event that can be up to 36 hours long, allowing capture of trace pollutants from illicit and episodic events of a changing dynamic system.

The CLAM actually extracts the water in-situ, with the same water sampling methods utilized during field sampling that the labs use on the bench. It provides a pre-extracted quantitative water sampling event representing up to a hundred liters of water, lowering the water testing lab’s detection limits a hundred fold. The small, dry SPE extraction disk is all that is sent to the water testing laboratory for solvent elution and analysis. This benefits both the water testing labs and the client, in saving on costs of SPE extraction, expensive cooler shipments of sample bottles, and seven-day holding time requirements. The CLAM takes the lab to the field and leaves the water behind!

The CLAM weighs just over one pound, including the 4 AA batteries, and can be easily taken to remote areas and left unattended to provide active water sampling for extended periods of time continuously. The CLAM is applicable for a number of environmental water sampling methods, including groundwater monitoring and surface water sampling of urban water systems, rivers, monitoring wells, drinking water systems, watersheds and lakes, agricultural runoff, storm water and marine environments.


Complete CLAM water sampling kit

Field housing that supports the pre-formed disks contains flow engineering that divert the influent water

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Technology of the Disks

The CLAM's media disk makes easy shipping for water sampling possible

Innovative solid phase extraction media cartridges make true field extraction a reality by providing a time-integrative quantitative event of up to 36 hours

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Launch Process & Obtaining Results

Deployment of the CLAM water sampling method can sample for a full 36 hours

The CLAM deployment process simplified into three basic categories: 1) Pre-Launch Information; 2) The Deployment Procedure; and 3) Retrieval and SPE Cartridge Lab Preparation

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Technical Information

Filled with valuable information, the CLAM water sampling method dates its disk and is ready to ship

A library of technical documents, including field studies and testing, user manuals, detailed sales sheets and more

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