Laboratory Benefits

When used by water testing labs, the CLAM offers a number of financial, logistical and operational benefits and is easily incorporated into current standard operating and quality assurance procedures.

Environmental Water Testing Laboratory Benefits

Environmental water testing laboratories are tasked with performing a variety of testing services that range from water quality analysis of what we drink to solid phase extraction of chemicals found in landfills. Though all labs face problems that are beyond the scope of their control, those that implement quality assurance and quality control water testing methods and techniques have greater success in obtaining consistently accurate and precise analytical test results.

Lab generating water testing quality analysis report
CLAM large volume efficacy study

There are a number of uncontrollable factors that can invalidate the water testing accuracy of the obtained samples, including shipping issues, weight, temperature, human error, breakage, contamination and more. Almost every variable that can affect the quality of the water sample analysis is directly dependent on successful logistical efforts – because in order to obtain an analysis report, the samples must make it to the water testing lab.

The CLAM (Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitor) device is a different type of water sampling method that brings the laboratory into the field and quantitatively extracts the trace organics from the water using EPA approved methodology, leaving the water behind. This saves the costs of shipping coolers of bottles, sample holding time limits, and laboratory SPE extraction.

In addition to providing an efficient water sampling method, the CLAM also offers financial benefits to the water testing labs by creating new income streams that can be treated like any other matrix and are easily incorporated into their standard operating procedures. Water testing labs will also appreciate the CLAM’s unique ability to obtain higher quality data, low detection capabilities and faster turnaround times than its competitors – and all at a profit!

Water testing with the CLAM is easily organized

Enhanced Field Screening and Validation

This Screening analysis is exempt from the QC hurdles that are commonly faced and makes use of the large volume extract by providing many subset samples.

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Water testing with the CLAM is accepted by laboratories

Easily incorporated into in-house quality control acceptance criteria

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Water testing with the CLAM is easily organized

Eliminate routinely expensive issues related to shipping complications

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New Revenue Stream & Service

Water testing with the CLAM is easy to incorporate in laboratories

Generate additional revenue streams through maintenance, rental and service options

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Better Results

Clean water testing

Provide more accurate, comprehensive water quality analysis reports than competitors, in less time

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