New Revenue Stream & Service

Water testing labs have a number of known fixed costs associated with their services, many of which are burdensome and redundant but in most cases, unavoidable. However, unlike other forms of water testing equipment, the CLAM may actually help generate additional revenue streams for labs, with little associated risk.

Water Testing Equipment that Increases Profits

Ease of use with water testing equipment

Cleaning and Conditioning Services

Prior to deployment, the SPE cartridges must be cleaned and conditioned. Depending on the water testing lab’s quality assurance plans or standard operating procedures, spiking standards may be added for field deployment, elution, or both.

CLAM Pumps

The CLAM pumps can be an item the lab leases to the client, as vital water testing equipment. The CLAM’s small submersible pump powers the SPE extraction by drawing the water through the disks while submerged, at flow rates of 5-75 ml/min. Other peristaltic pumps may be used or the clients can purchase the full kit.

CLAM SPE Cartridges

Since the SPE cartridges are designed for shipment, extraction and elution, they replace the need and the costs associated with bottles for collecting field samples. These cartridges can be sold to the client by the water testing labs and companies, or the client can supply them to the lab.

Saving Money with the CLAM

CLAM water testing equipment is great for the environment and laboratories bottom line

Even if labs that provide water testing equipment or analysis don’t wish to develop additional income streams based on the CLAM, there are still financial opportunities that can be appreciated in regards to the lab’s bottom line. Since the water testing equipment extracts the sample in the field and the water is left behind, labs reduce some of their fixed costs and save both on shipping costs in the field and labor costs associated with liquid/liquid extractions. By passing some of those savings on to their clients, water testing labs can remain viable and lucrative within the ever-competitive water quality analysis industry.

All in all, the CLAM provides water testing labs with new financial opportunities by creating unique income streams, saving shipping costs, and having the sample already extracted. The CLAM also extends holding times, another significant money saver.

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